Gang Planned Car Accident To Rob Crypto currency Worth $1.5M

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A Vietnamese court in Ho Chi Minh City tried a 16-member gang suspected of planning a car accident to rob crypto currency. The gang, which included two local policemen, stands accused of kidnapping the victim and his family and robbing them of about $1.5 million worth of crypto currencies.

This heist was allegedly carried out after the victim lost money investing in shitcoin, and the organizer of the gang listened to the victim’s plight and decided to rob him.

The suspects were charged with robbery, kidnapping, and organizing a criminal group, with the trial taking place on May 10, 2023. According to local reports, the two policemen were involved in the planning and execution of the crime, using their positions to facilitate the robbery. The police officers had been suspended from their duties and were now awaiting trial.

the gang planned the car accident to make it look like an ordinary traffic accident. They then threatened the victim and his family and forced them to transfer their cryptocurrency to the gang’s wallet.

The victim and his family were released unharmed after the gang had successfully stolen their cryptocurrency.


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