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Significant asset transfers initiated by FTX and Alameda. The addresses associated with the two entities facilitated the movement of assets totaling $46 million across prominent exchanges such as Kraken, Binance, and Coinbase.

FTX and Alameda orchestrated the transfer of diverse assets, showcasing their dynamic involvement in the cryptocurrency market. The assets transferred include 500,000 SOL ($21.6 million), 14 million MATIC ($9.3 million), 2784 ETH ($5.15 million), 810,000 MASK, 2.1 million SUSHI, 7.67 million BAT, 71.6 million GALA, 650,000 LDO, and 4.47 million C98.

FTX Cold Storage redeeming 1,600,645 SOL ($65.46 million) from staking activities. Remarkably, despite this redemption, there are still 3,963,725 SOL ($162 million) staked at this address

The recent surge in SOL’s value prompts questions about the potential market impact of FTX and Alameda’s crypto transfers. Some speculate that the price surge is a direct result of these transactions. The community is closely monitoring the situation, waiting to see if a sell-off will lead to a subsequent rise and subsequent dump.


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