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Franklin Templeton Tokenizes $380 Million Treasury Fund on Polygon and Stellar Blockchains

Franklin Templeton, a global investment management firm, has made significant strides in the crypto space by tokenizing a $380 million treasuries fund on the Polygon and Stellar blockchains. This move marks a significant advancement in the adoption of blockchain technology within traditional finance.

Tokenization of Treasury Fund

The company has successfully tokenized $380 million worth of U.S. Treasuries, allowing investors to access shares of the FOBXX fund through digital tokens called BENJI tokens. Each BENJI token represents a share of the treasuries fund and is tradable on both the Polygon and Stellar blockchains.

Facilitating Peer-to-Peer Transactions

By tokenizing the treasuries fund, Franklin Templeton aims to facilitate peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions, enabling investors to seamlessly trade shares of the fund on decentralized platforms. This approach enhances liquidity and accessibility, offering investors greater flexibility in managing their investment portfolios.

Competing with BlackRock

Franklin Templeton’s foray into tokenization puts it in direct competition with BlackRock’s BUIDL initiative, which focuses on tokenizing assets on the Ethereum blockchain in collaboration with Securitize. By leveraging the Polygon and Stellar blockchains, Franklin Templeton expands the scope of tokenization and introduces new opportunities for investors.

Franklin Templeton’s decision to tokenize a $380 million treasuries fund on the Polygon and Stellar blockchains marks a milestone in the convergence of traditional finance and crypto. As blockchain technology continues to disrupt various sectors, initiatives like this pave the way for a more inclusive and efficient financial ecosystem.


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