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Ethereum-Based Inscription System for NFTs

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Crypto News > Ethereum-Based Inscription System for NFTs

Capsule 21, the co-founder of NFT infrastructure, has unveiled an innovative Ethereum-based inscription system known as Ethscriptions. This groundbreaking system aims to revolutionize the way digital works are created and shared within the Ethereum network. With Ethscriptions, artists and creators can leverage the power of Ethereum transaction calldata to bring their unique creations to life. Capsule 21 has also announced its plans to open-source the indexer for wider accessibility and adoption.

The concept behind Ethscriptions draws inspiration from Bitcoin inscriptions, which allow individuals to embed data into Bitcoin transactions. Capsule 21 has taken this idea and applied it to Ethereum, creating a system that enables the inscription of digital works through Ethereum transaction calldata.

By leveraging the Ethereum network’s capabilities, Ethscriptions paves the way for enhanced interoperability and a more seamless sharing experience for creators and collectors alike

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