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ENS (Ethereum Name Service) has announced the launch of .box, which will be the first-ever Blockchain native DNS-routable top-level domain (TLD). This groundbreaking initiative enables users to register and transfer domain names entirely on the blockchain, and the ownership of these domains will be tied to the ownership of corresponding NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens).

The highly anticipated .box project is scheduled to go live in September, revolutionizing the domain name industry and further strengthening the integration of blockchain technology.

Traditional domain registrations often involve intermediaries and third-party entities, resulting in potential vulnerabilities and limitations. ENS seeks to eliminate these concerns by enabling onchain registrations and transfers for .box domain names. This means that all domain transactions will be conducted directly on the blockchain, utilizing the inherent security and transparency offered by decentralized networks.

By incorporating blockchain technology into domain name management, ENS ensures that the ownership of .box domains is unequivocally tied to the ownership of corresponding NFTs. This unique approach allows users to have complete control over their domain names, eliminating the risk of unauthorized transfers or disputes.


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