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Bitcoin remains the most dominant player with its market capitalization often surpassing that of the entire crypto market. However, its decentralized nature, which is one of its major selling points, also presents a unique set of challenges. One of these challenges is the possibility of foul play by miners seeking to maximize their economic interests.

This morning, concerns were raised when an empty block was mined at Bitcoin height #788703. The block only contained a transaction of block reward coinbase and was mined only 14 seconds after the previous block. It is possible that the miner deliberately left the block empty to save on transaction fees and time while still earning the block reward, bitcoin block.

the empty block may have been mined for more sinister reasons. In some cases, miners may collude to manipulate the network for their own gain. This could include creating artificial block shortages, which can drive up transaction fees and create an opportunity for miners to earn more from their mining activities


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