Darknet Murder-for-Hire Plot Unveiled, Paying Bitcoin

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Dr. James Wan, a 54-year-old medical doctor, has pleaded guilty to a sinister plot involving a darknet assassin paid in Bitcoin to murder his girlfriend.

Dr. Wan orchestrated the gruesome plan by transferring $8,000 worth of Bitcoins on three separate occasions, with a significant hiccup occurring when he mistakenly sent funds to the wrong address. Undeterred by the initial setback, he transferred an additional $1,200 in Bitcoins, spurred on by the fluctuating prices of the cryptocurrency.

Little did Dr. Wan know that the very volatility of Bitcoin prices would play a crucial role in foiling his dark intentions. As the value of Bitcoin experienced a sudden drop

Upon discovering Dr. Wan’s malevolent plan, the FBI wasted no time in taking action to protect the potential victim. The girlfriend was promptly safeguarded, and Dr. Wan found himself facing the long arm of the law.

Following the FBI’s intervention, Dr. Wan was arrested and is now entangled in legal proceedings that could have severe consequences for his medical career and personal life.



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