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Curve Finance Deploys crvUSD Stablecoin Smart Contract on Sepolia Test Network

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Curve Finance, a decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol, has deployed the crvUSD stablecoin smart contract on the Sepolia test network. This move represents a significant step forward for the development of the crvUSD stablecoin, which aims to solve the bad debt problem caused by the liquidation of mortgage debt positions.

The core feature of crvUSD is its continuous liquidation or de-liquidation automated market maker (AMM). This allows the stablecoin to maintain its peg to the US dollar while also mitigating the risk of bad debt. The crvUSD stablecoin is Curve’s native stablecoin and has the potential to become a popular choice for users looking for a more resilient stablecoin option in the DeFi space.

By deploying the crvUSD smart contract on the Sepolia test network, Curve Finance is giving developers and users the opportunity to test and experiment with crvUSD in a test environment before deploying it to the main network. This will allow for any issues or bugs to be identified and resolved before the stablecoin goes live on the main network.

This move by Curve Finance is an exciting development for the DeFi space and shows that innovation is still happening in the blockchain ecosystem. It will be interesting to see how the crvUSD stablecoin performs on the Sepolia test network and whether it will eventually be deployed to the main network.

The deployment of the crvUSD stablecoin smart contract on the Sepolia test network can be viewed on the Curve Finance Github repository at


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