Chinese Police Investigate CNHC and Trust Reserve: Crackdown on Offshore Stablecoin Issuers

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Crypto News > Chinese Police Investigate CNHC and Trust Reserve: Crackdown on Offshore Stablecoin Issuers

In recent news, Chinese police have launched an investigation into two offshore stablecoin issuers, CNHC and Trust Reserve. The investigation is centered around potential violations of regulations related to the issuance of stablecoins. This development reflects China’s growing crackdown on the cryptocurrency industry, which includes the ban on cryptocurrency trading and mining activities, as well as stricter regulations on exchanges and related businesses.

another perspective from @TechFlow_Intern is that The Shanghai police initiated an investigation into the CNHC team for reasons that may not be directly linked to their involvement in the cryptocurrency and stablecoin industry.

Rather, the team has been actively involved in facilitating cross-border fund transfers, specifically in converting overseas US dollars into offshore Chinese Yuan (CNY) and subsequently converting it back to onshore Renminbi (RMB).

Their cumulative transaction volume in this field amounts to an impressive $15 billion. However, this incident raises concerns regarding the origin of funds associated with their clients, potentially leading to legal implications.

CNHC and Trust Reserve: Background Information

CNHC, a Hong Kong-based company, is responsible for issuing the CNHC stablecoin. The CNHC stablecoin is pegged to the Chinese yuan. Trust Reserve, on the other hand, is a Singapore-based company that issues the Trust Reserve HKD stablecoin, which is pegged to the Hong Kong dollar. These stablecoins are popular among investors who seek a less volatile alternative to other cryptocurrencies.

Just a few months ago, CNHC announced the completion of a US$10 million A+ round of financing, which was led by KuCoin Ventures. The funding round also saw participation from renowned investors such as Circle and IDG Capital

The Investigation and Its Implications

The investigation into CNHC and Trust Reserve marks another significant step in China’s regulatory efforts within the cryptocurrency industry. By targeting stablecoin issuers, the Chinese government aims to ensure compliance with regulations and maintain control over the financial system. This move is likely to have a chilling effect on the offshore stablecoin market, as other issuers may face increased scrutiny and potential consequences.

Stablecoins are specifically designed to be pegged to a fiat currency, such as the US dollar or the euro. They provide stability by minimizing price fluctuations and are commonly used by investors seeking a more reliable store of value. However, China’s investigation into CNHC and Trust Reserve indicates a tightening grip on this sector, potentially undermining investor confidence and affecting market dynamics.

Broader Impact on the Cryptocurrency Market

China’s crackdown on the cryptocurrency industry is expected to have ripple effects on the broader market. The ban on cryptocurrency trading and mining activities has already disrupted the ecosystem, leading to increased volatility. With the investigation into CNHC and Trust Reserve, this volatility is likely to intensify further.

The Chinese government’s actions have put the entire industry on notice, and market participants must adapt to the changing landscape. While the crackdown is aimed at reducing risks and ensuring financial stability, it also highlights the need for clearer regulations and transparent frameworks to support the growth of cryptocurrencies in a regulated manner.

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