California Congressman Labels Bitcoin Conference a Meeting for Tax Evaders

Congressman Brad Sherman, a Democrat from California, has made a strong call to outlaw cryptocurrencies, citing their potential threat to the US financial system and national security. During a recent hearing of the House Financial Services Committee, he expressed concerns that cryptocurrencies could be used to fund illegal activities and evade taxes.

Sherman has also suggested that cryptocurrencies could undermine American foreign policy and diminish the rule of law. He believes that banning cryptocurrencies would be the best way to protect the US financial system and ensure that the country remains a global leader in finance and security.

Sherman remains steadfast in his belief that cryptocurrencies pose a threat to national security and the US economy. he referred to the upcoming Bitcoin Miami 2023 conference as a “conference for tax evaders.”

It remains to be seen whether Sherman’s call to outlaw cryptocurrencies will gain traction in Congress


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