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To boost the decentralized applications (Dapps) ecosystem, Blast has announced the launch of Phase 2: Gold Distribution 1. This phase will see the allocation of 10 million Gold points, aimed at fostering innovation and development within the web3 space.

Blast’s Phase 2 Gold Distribution 1 has earmarked a total of 10 million Gold points. These points are divided into two main allocations: 9.5 million Gold points for existing Dapps and 500,000 Gold points for newly launched Dapps. This strategic distribution aims to incentivize both established and emerging projects within the Blast ecosystem.

The allocation of 500,000 Gold points to new Dapps underscores Blast’s commitment to nurturing fresh talent and innovative projects. This initiative is expected to attract a wave of new developers and creators to the platform, fostering a diverse and dynamic ecosystem. Meanwhile, the substantial allocation of 9.5 million Gold points to existing Dapps ensures continued support and growth for established projects


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