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In an unexpected turn of events, the Bitcoin network encountered a delay in block production, resulting in a pause of approximately one and a half hours. The interruption, which lasted for more than 90 minutes, raised concerns among cryptocurrency enthusiasts and traders worldwide.

According to reports, the delay began after the production of Block 793098, which occurred at 16:25:36 UTC+8. The network remained inactive for a substantial one and a half hours before resuming block generation at 17:55:23. This unexpected event prompted industry experts and Bitcoin enthusiasts to analyze the implications and potential causes behind the disruption.

Slowest Block Generation Rate of the Year

This recent delay marks one of the most significant pauses in block production observed in 2023. The previous slowest block generation rate occurred on May 18 at block height 790340, where the Bitcoin network took 1 hour and 40 minutes to produce a block. However, the interruption experienced during this incident surpassed that duration, raising concerns about the stability and scalability of the Bitcoin network.


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