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Bitcoin Core, the leading software implementation of the Bitcoin protocol, has recently released version 25.0, introducing a host of exciting new features, bug fixes, and performance improvements. This update is designed to enhance the overall user experience, bolster security measures, and revolutionize the landscape of smaller transaction sizes.

Empowering Smaller Transactions for Greater Possibilities

One of the standout features in Bitcoin Core 25.0 is the significant adjustment made to the mempool and relay policy. Prior to this update, transactions with non-witness sizes of 65 bytes and above faced restrictions. However, Bitcoin Core has now lifted these constraints, allowing for smaller transaction sizes to be included in the mempool and relay policy.

This change is a direct response to the ongoing efforts to combat the well-known vulnerability CVE-2017-12842. By permitting smaller transaction sizes, Bitcoin Core enhances security and opens up a myriad of additional use-cases. It also paves the way for more efficient and secure transactions, unlocking possibilities that were previously hindered by size limitations.

Addressing Bugs and Enhancing Stability

In addition to the advancement in transaction size policies, the development team behind Bitcoin Core has diligently addressed various bugs and issues that plagued earlier versions. This commitment to improving the software’s stability and reliability ensures that users can experience a smoother and more seamless interaction with the Bitcoin network.

Bug fixes play a crucial role in maintaining the security and trustworthiness of any software, especially one as critical as Bitcoin Core. The development team’s dedication to rectifying these issues underscores their commitment to creating a robust and secure platform for Bitcoin users worldwide.


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