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As the crypto market continues to capture the attention of investors worldwide, the expiration of Bitcoin and Ethereum options has become a key focal point. With significant notional values and various indicators, these expiries provide valuable insights into the sentiment and potential price movements of these leading cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin Options Expiry:

The Bitcoin options market recently witnessed the expiration of approximately 29,000 BTC options, which carry a notional value of a staggering $780 million. This expiration event, coupled with the Put Call Ratio of 0.81, indicates an intriguing market sentiment. The Put Call Ratio is a measure that compares the number of put options (bearish bets) to call options (bullish bets) and helps gauge market sentiment.

In this case, with a Put Call Ratio below 1, it suggests that the majority of options traders held a bullish outlook on Bitcoin leading up to the expiry. The lower ratio indicates a relatively higher demand for call options, signifying an expectation of a price increase in Bitcoin.

he max pain point of $27,500 for the Bitcoin options expiry further adds to the interesting dynamics. a max pain point of $27,500 indicates that the market participants holding options contracts would suffer the most if the price of Bitcoin were to settle around this level

Ethereum Options Expiry:

Alongside Bitcoin, Ethereum options expiries also carry significant weight in the crypto market. The recent expiry saw approximately 169,000 ETH options expire, with a notional value of around $310 million. Examining the Put Call Ratio for Ethereum options, which stands at 0.96, sheds light on market sentiment surrounding the digital asset.

Put Call Ratio below 1 suggests a relatively bullish sentiment among options traders for Ethereum. The max pain point for Ethereum options expiry is observed at $1,800. Ethereum were to settle around this level, it would lead to the most significant losses for options holders.

Implications for the Crypto Market:

The bullish sentiment indicated by the lower Put Call Ratios for both Bitcoin and Ethereum suggests that options traders anticipate upward price movements in these assets. This sentiment, combined with the significant notional values involved, has the potential to influence the broader crypto market.


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