Bitboy Breaks Promise, Sells All $BEN Tokens

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Popular cryptocurrency influencer Bitboy has decided to sell all of his $BEN tokens, despite committing to not selling them for a period of six months. This unexpected move has left many token holders disappointed and questioning the integrity of Bitboy’s promises. The news quickly spread across social media platforms, with the crypto community expressing their concerns and opinions.

The address associated with Bitboy’s wallet, which he voluntarily shared, is 0xf89e0b9fb3F419d5982386B5923e2F7C2e73f3a2. 

The decision to sell the tokens before the completion of the agreed-upon lockup period has left many token holders feeling betrayed. Bitboy had previously given his word not to sell these tokens for a minimum of six months. This lockup period was meant to demonstrate his confidence in the project and provide reassurance to other investors.


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