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The floor price of Azuki, the popular digital collectible, plummeted today, experiencing a steep decline from 17.5 ETH to 14.11 ETH. This drastic drop amounts to a staggering 11% decrease in just 24 hours. The current floor price hovers around 14.73 ETH, reflecting the current market sentiment. This sudden shift has left many collectors and enthusiasts pondering the reasons behind the significant drop.

Azuki, the creative force behind the beloved Azuki and BEANZ tokens, has also announced a new development in the form of Azuki Elementals. This fresh addition to the Azuki ecosystem brings forth exciting opportunities for collectors and holders alike, generating a buzz of anticipation within the community.

According to a recent statement from Azuki, the company plans to release a limited edition of 20,000 Azuki Elementals. These unique digital assets are designed to captivate collectors with their inherent beauty and scarcity. The inclusion of locked Elementals for undisclosed Azuki holders adds an element of mystery and exclusivity to the offering.

Azuki has announced an airdrop of Soulbound Tokens (SBT). This airdrop will be distributed to all Azuki and BEANZ holders, further incentivizing their continued involvement in the Azuki ecosystem. The Soulbound Tokens represent a tangible symbol of connection and belonging within the Azuki community, fostering a sense of unity among collectors.


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