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In recent developments within the Azuki community, AzukiDAO has put forth a proposal to recover 20,000 ETH, equivalent to $39 million, from Azuki founder Zagabond. This action is in response to allegations of scamming holders with Azuki Elementals, a matter that has caused great concern among community members. The proposal suggests that the retrieved funds will be allocated back to a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), aiming to foster the growth and prosperity of the entire Azuki community. By providing rewards and incentives for artists, content creators, and builders, AzukiDAO aims to create a vibrant ecosystem that benefits all stakeholders.

The Role of AzukiDAO

AzukiDAO, a newly formed organization, currently consists of 72 members as of Monday. However, when it comes to voting on the proposal, only 36 votes have been cast so far. Interestingly, almost 40% of the “yes” votes have come from a single holder, indicating the significance of their support. The proposal at hand emphasizes the importance of allocating the recovered funds to the DAO in order to promote the overall growth and well-being of the Azuki community.

Seeking Justice and Refunds

In addition to the recovery of funds, the Azuki community is demanding legal action against Zagabond for an alleged “rug pull.” This term refers to a situation where the founder of a project suddenly abandons it or takes actions that harm the project’s investors. In light of this alleged misconduct, community members are seeking justice and accountability.

Furthermore, the community has called for a refund of the 20,000 ETH involved in the scam. This restitution would not only serve as a means of compensation but also as a deterrent for fraudulent activities within the cryptocurrency space.

Building a Stronger Community

AzukiDAO’s proposal and the recovery of the misappropriated funds signify a turning point for the Azuki community. By directing these resources towards the DAO, the aim is to create an inclusive and prosperous environment for all participants.

Providing Rewards and Incentives

One of the primary objectives of the DAO is to provide rewards and incentives to various contributors within the Azuki ecosystem. Artists, content creators, and builders who actively contribute to the community will be recognized and rewarded for their efforts. This approach encourages individuals to engage and invest their skills and talents into the development of the Azuki platform.

Nurturing Innovation and Collaboration

The recovered funds will also be utilized to foster innovation and collaboration within the community. By supporting promising projects, encouraging partnerships, and providing necessary resources, AzukiDAO seeks to drive the growth and success of the entire ecosystem. This approach not only benefits the individual projects and collaborators but also contributes to the overall expansion and advancement of the Azuki platform.


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