Atomic Wallet Takes Swift Action to Address Hacks

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Atomic Wallet, a popular cryptocurrency wallet, revealed that a small fraction of its app users had experienced hacking incidents. The team behind Atomic Wallet is taking immediate action to address the situation, while collaborating with major exchanges to freeze suspicious deposits. Despite the unfortunate incidents, Atomic Wallet remains committed to maintaining the security of its users’ funds and ensuring justice is served.

According to Atomic Wallet’s official blog post on June 3rd, it was reported that less than 0.1% of Atomic app users have been affected by hacking attempts. While the exact number of affected users remains undisclosed, it is a relatively small percentage compared to the overall user base. Nevertheless, Atomic Wallet understands the significance of such incidents and is determined to rectify the situation promptly.

To mitigate the impact of the hacks, Atomic Wallet’s team has reached out to prominent exchanges in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. The collaboration aims to freeze any suspicious deposits originating from the stolen funds, preventing further unauthorized transactions. By working closely with these exchanges, Atomic Wallet aims to safeguard the assets of its affected users and hold the perpetrators accountable.

Although the team has been swift in their response to the hacking incidents, some users have expressed concerns regarding the explanations provided by Atomic Wallet. Multiple announcements made by the company have been deleted, leaving users with lingering questions about the nature of the hacks and how they occurred. The absence of comprehensive explanations has left affected users feeling frustrated and seeking clarification from the Atomic Wallet team.


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