Atomic Wallet Hacked Compromised, Suspects Supply Chain Attack

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Crypto News > Atomic Wallet Hacked Compromised, Suspects Supply Chain Attack

Atomic Wallet, a popular cryptocurrency wallet provider, has recently reported cases of compromised wallets and has launched an extensive investigation to determine the cause. The company suspects a possible supply chain attack due to a recent major version update.

In recent developments, Atomic Wallet has received numerous reports from users regarding compromised wallets. Concerned about the security of their funds, users have reached out to the company seeking clarification and assistance. Atomic Wallet promptly acknowledged the reports and assured its users that the matter is being taken seriously.

One possibility raised by SlowMist, a leading blockchain security company, is that the compromised wallets may be the result of a supply chain attack. This type of attack involves hackers tampering with the software source code on the server, allowing them to inject malicious code into the software that ordinary users download. Given that Atomic Wallet recently underwent a major version update, this theory gains credibility.

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