zkSync DEX Merlin Hacked, Losing $1.82 Million in Stolen Funds

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Crypto News > zkSync DEX Merlin Hacked, Losing $1.82 Million in Stolen Funds

zkSync DEX Merlin, a decentralized exchange that had undergone a Certik audit, has fallen victim to a security breach, losing more than $1.82 million in stolen funds. The LP (liquidity pool) has been drained and the project’s future is now uncertain.

<h2 What Happened to Merlin? h2>

The zkSync project had mixed quality from the outset, and Merlin was supposed to be one of its highlights. The project had planned to launch Core Farming Pools and a public sale, but they delayed it until after Certik completed the audit to reassure investors.

However, right after the audit was completed, the Merlin DEX was hacked, causing a loss of more than $1.82 million in stolen funds. According to reports, the LP was drained, which suggests that the hacker was able to manipulate the platform’s liquidity pools.


<h2 Merlin’s Response to the Hack h2>

After the hack, Merlin announced that they had identified the attack vector and were working on a solution to fix the vulnerability. They also said that they had contacted exchanges to blacklist the stolen funds and asked the community to help identify the hackers.

The project also stated that they had implemented additional security measures, including the introduction of a bug bounty program, to prevent similar attacks in the future.

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