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June 25, 2024ZK Nation has officially launched the second round of ZK token airdrop claims, offering another opportunity for members of the crypto community to obtain ZK tokens. This round, which began on June 24, 2024, will distribute 1.91% of the total airdrop supply and is set to conclude on January 3, 2025 .

Eligibility and Claim Process

This round is open to a select group of participants, specifically members of the Protocol Guild, contributors to external projects, and individuals nominated by ZKsync ecosystem projects. To determine eligibility and claim the tokens, participants must follow these steps:

  1. Visit the claim page at ZK Nation.
  2. Connect their wallet.
  3. Click the “Claim” button and delegate their tokens to either a third-party delegate or themselves .

Key Details

The claim process, designed for user convenience, covers all gas fees associated with the transactions. However, initial high traffic may cause slight delays in processing claims. To mitigate this, users are advised to be patient during the initial hours after the claim window opens .

Allocation and Distribution

The allocation for each eligible address is determined based on a formula that considers the amount of crypto-assets sent to ZKsync Era and the duration these assets were held. Additional multipliers are applied for various activities, such as holding ZKsync-native NFTs or ERC-20 tokens, using smart contract wallets, and participating in other specific ecosystem activities .

Sybil Detection and Security

To ensure a fair distribution, ZK Nation has implemented rigorous sybil detection measures to eliminate bot accounts and ensure genuine users benefit from the airdrop. This human-first approach aims to reward active and contributing members of the community .

Final Thoughts

This airdrop reflects ZK Nation’s commitment to rewarding its active community and contributors. By opening the second round of claims, they continue to foster engagement and support for the ZKsync ecosystem

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