March 23, 2023

fears of further price declines. The MACD indicator is also showing a bearish crossover, indicating that the bears are in control of the market.
Fundamental Analysis
By: Sarah
Ripple has been facing regulatory challenges in recent months, with the SEC filing a lawsuit against the company for allegedly selling unregistered securities. This has led to a decline in investor confidence and a sell-off in XRP.
Furthermore, Ripple’s partnership with MoneyGram has come to an end, which has also had a negative impact on the price of XRP. MoneyGram was one of Ripple’s key partners, and the termination of the partnership has raised concerns about Ripple’s ability to attract new partners in the future.
The combination of technical and fundamental factors is putting pressure on Ripple’s price, and it remains to be seen whether the cryptocurrency can recover from its current slump. Investors should exercise caution and closely monitor the market for any signs of a reversal.

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