Xapo Bank and Circle Join Forces to Offer USDC Payment Rails as a Secure Alternative to SWIFT

Xapo Bank, a licensed private bank that holds Bitcoin on behalf of customers, has partnered with Circle, a leading financial technology company, to introduce USD Coin payment rails as an alternative to the traditional SWIFT payment system. The move is set to revolutionize financial transactions and provide Xapo Bank members with a more convenient and cost-effective payment option.

By integrating USDC payment rails, Xapo Bank members can deposit and withdraw funds without incurring any fees and enjoy a one-to-one conversion rate from USDC to the US dollar. This will make it easier for members to transact with their funds, while at the same time reducing the costs and time associated with traditional payment methods.

Seamus Rocca, the CEO of Xapo Bank, said the integration of USDC payment rails marks a watershed moment in financial history, combining the speed and cost efficiency of the digital dollar with the security of a licensed private bank. The partnership between Xapo Bank and Circle will enable Xapo Bank to become the first fully licensed bank to enable USDC deposits and withdrawals.

The move towards using USDC payment rails is expected to accelerate the adoption of cryptocurrencies in the financial industry. With the rise of digital currencies, there is a growing need for a more efficient and secure payment system that can handle large volumes of transactions. The USDC stablecoin provides a reliable and cost-effective alternative to traditional payment methods, making it an attractive option for financial institutions and businesses alike.

The partnership between Xapo Bank and Circle is a significant milestone in the adoption of cryptocurrencies in the financial industry. By offering USDC payment rails as a secure alternative to SWIFT, Xapo Bank is taking a bold step towards a more efficient and cost-effective payment system that is suitable for the digital age. With this move, Xapo Bank is positioning itself at the forefront of the financial industry, ready to meet the evolving needs of its members.


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