Analysts at Wells Fargo believe that cryptocurrency is still in its infancy.

WFII (Wells Fargo Investment Institute) analysts, including the organization’s subsidiary and advisor, argue that crypto acceptance is still in its early stages. They believe that focusing on the previous progress of cryptocurrencies could lead to new investors being mislead.

Analysts underlined in a paper produced on behalf of the WFII’s Global Investment Strategy Group that making crypto investments is not an obsolete act, despite the rapid rise in the value of digital assets. They went on to say that while there appears to be a significant time gap between the asset class’s previous progress and present pricing, this is not the case. Investors who place a high value on the historical performance of cryptos may be misled.

By further exploring the crypto sector the investors would know about the best possible investment opportunities existing across the market. It was admitted by the analysts that right now a relatively limited amount of products related to crypto investment is accessible for the investors and that the present ETFs (exchange-traded funds are backed on the behalf of futures instead of the crypto assets themselves therefore, the current investment options are not recommended by them.