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Voyager, a popular cryptocurrency platform, recently reopened withdrawals on June 23, which led to a significant net outflow of $250 million worth of crypto assets. Despite the outflow, the platform still holds approximately $176 million worth of crypto assets. This article explores the current state of Voyager, the assets on the platform, and the impact of withdrawals on its user base.

Crypto Asset Distribution and Clean Asset Ratio on Voyager

Voyager’s Crypto Asset Distribution:

Since the reopening of withdrawals, Voyager has experienced a considerable net outflow of $250 million worth of crypto assets. However, the platform still holds a significant amount of digital assets, with a total value of approximately $176 million. These assets include 2,287.4 BTC, 27,363.7 ETH, 18,558,340 USDC, and 2,060 trillion SHIB, among others.

Clean Asset Ratio on Voyager:

The clean asset ratio, excluding VGX (the platform’s native token), currently stands at 96.15%. This metric reflects the overall health of Voyager’s asset holdings by excluding any potentially problematic or illiquid assets. The high clean asset ratio indicates that the majority of assets held on the platform are considered stable and readily available for trading or withdrawal.


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