human protocol foundation awards grant to veritatrust to build on chain rewards for reviews

VeritaTrust receives a grant from the HUMAN Protocol Foundation to provide on-chain rewards for reviews.

VeritaTrust has been given a grant by the HUMAN Protocol to power on-chain reviews. This is the first grant issued under this programme since its creation, and it comes after the announcement of $10 million in grant funds. Veritatrust wants to use blockchain technology to reward reviewers with bitcoin for their product and service reviews.

The HUMAN Protocol is a tool for managing dispersed workforces. It began by integrating hCaptcha – the bot blocker – onto the blockchain in order to compensate individual workers for the important machine learning work they were doing by answering CAPTCHAs.

This has evolved into a more comprehensive approach for coordinating the tokenization of any input. In this way, reviews are just another type of labour, or value creation, that may be recognised through monetary compensation.

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