March 23, 2023

Solidus Labs Launches Token Sniffer API Subscriptions for Larger Clients

Solidus Labs, the blockchain security firm that acquired Token Sniffer last year, has announced the launch of Token Sniffer API subscriptions for larger clients like decentralized exchanges and trading bots. The move comes as a response to the need for companies to check hundreds of tokens in a day, which is not possible with the dead simple paste-a-smart-contract-address-into-the-tool approach of Token Sniffer.

With the new API subscriptions, customers can programmatically run sniff tests on more than 2 million tokens across 12 blockchains, including Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain, Polygon, Arbitrum, and Optimism. This will help detect two of the most common token scams: rug pulls and honeypots.

Rug pulls involve a newly launched token that’s sold to hapless investors and then abandoned by its creators. Once the developers sell their share of tokens, the unsuspecting users who bought them are left with a worthless asset. Honeypots, on the other hand, are scams where the creators lure investors with the promise of high returns, only to drain their funds and disappear.

Token Sniffer API subscriptions will enable larger clients to detect these scams more efficiently and effectively. The API will also provide real-time alerts and notifications to help clients stay on top of potential scams.

According to Asaf Meir, CEO of Solidus Labs, “Token Sniffer API subscriptions are a game-changer for companies that need to protect their users from scams. With the ability to scan millions of tokens across multiple blockchains, our clients can now detect and prevent scams in real-time, saving them time, money, and reputation.”

The launch of Token Sniffer API subscriptions is expected to further solidify Solidus Labs’ position as a leading blockchain security firm.

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