March 28, 2023

THNDR Games Launches New Bitcoin Game “Bitcoin Blocks”

THNDR Games, a mobile gaming platform, has released a new Bitcoin game called “Bitcoin Blocks” that allows players to earn Bitcoin while solving puzzles. The game is inspired by Tetris and Sudoku and is available on the THNDR mobile gaming platform. Players can test their problem-solving skills against others to win Bitcoin.

The launch of Bitcoin Blocks marks an important milestone in the development of THNDR’s mobile gaming platform. The game is the first to showcase THNDR’s social competitive layer and features, which include Leagues, THNDR’s leveling system that pits community members against each other.

THNDR has also announced the Gaming Graph, a reputation and badging system that will allow players to earn badges that are tied to their identity and can be transferred to other ecosystems. This system will help players build their reputation and showcase their skills to other players.

“We are excited to launch Bitcoin Blocks and introduce our social competitive layer and features to the world,” said the THNDR team. “We believe that Bitcoin Blocks will be a hit with puzzle game fans and Bitcoin enthusiasts alike.”

Bitcoin Blocks is available for download on the THNDR mobile gaming platform. Players can earn Bitcoin by solving puzzles and competing against other players in Leagues. The game is free to play, and players can earn Bitcoin by watching ads or purchasing in-game currency.

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