The Trump Family Is Not Happy About Trumpcoin And They Are Threatening To Sue The Developers.


Trump Family Threatens Legal Action Over Trumpcoin Crypto Donald Trump’s sons Donald Jr. and Eric, along with his daughter Ivanka, have threatened legal action against a company that created the “Trump coin” digital currency last month. The Trumps say the New York-based startup is using their father’s likeness without permission to sell a product and run what they call an “illegal scam.” The cryptocurrency promises to let users buy goods and services with the virtual money. However, critics are skeptical

A day after the Trump family threatened legal action over the “Trumpcoin” cryptocurrency, one of the creators behind the virtual currency is firing back and says he will not be bullied by President Donald Trump’s lawyers. “I am not a big fan of government regulations, but I certainly like to follow all laws,” Steven Seagal said in a statement released on his website.

Conclusion: It seems the Trump family is going to have a lot to say about this. In fact, according to White House Spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders, “The President has made it clear through his actions that he does not want any cryptocurrency issued in his name nor does he want the Trump brand used for cryptocurrency promotion.”

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