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Thai Opposition Leader Promises Crypto Airdrop Ahead General Election

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In a bid to gain popular support ahead of the upcoming general election scheduled for May 14, 2023, Srettha Thavisin, the head of Thailand’s opposition party, has promised every citizen aged 16 and above a 10,000 Thai Baht (approximately $300) worth of cryptocurrency if elected as the country’s next Prime Minister. This move is aimed at tapping into the growing interest in cryptocurrency among the Thai population, particularly the younger generation.

According to a report by Coinfomania, the promise of a crypto airdrop is a key part of the opposition party’s election campaign, and is expected to appeal to the country’s tech-savvy and financially-aware young voters. Thavisin has reportedly stated that the crypto airdrop would be funded through the government’s budget and would be a one-time distribution.

Thailand has been increasingly embracing cryptocurrency in recent years, with the government and financial regulators taking steps to create a more favorable regulatory environment for digital assets. This move by the opposition party to promise a crypto airdrop is seen as a further indication of the growing acceptance of cryptocurrency in the country.

The promise of a crypto airdrop is likely to generate interest and support for the opposition party, as voters look for innovative and progressive policies from political leaders. It remains to be seen how the promise of a crypto airdrop will play out in the upcoming general election, and whether it will be enough to secure victory for the opposition party.

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