StarkNet Faces Backlog of Transactions: Delays for Airdrop Participants

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StarkNet, a decentralized blockchain platform, is currently facing a major backlog of transactions, causing delays for users seeking to obtain airdrops. According to recent reports, the backlog has exceeded 3,000 transactions, with each transaction taking an estimated 16 minutes to complete.

The congestion on the chain has led to an increase in the platform’s TPS (transactions per second), MCPS (messages per second), and SPS (state updates per second) metrics, all of which have hit record highs. This surge in activity has left many users frustrated and unable to participate in airdrops, which are typically time-sensitive.

While the exact cause of the congestion is unclear, experts suggest that the growing popularity of the platform, combined with the recent surge in cryptocurrency prices, may be contributing factors. Some users have also raised concerns about the lack of scalability of the platform and the need for more efficient transaction processing methods.

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