Sharering CEO Stresses Importance of Self-Custody in Achieving Digital Inclusion

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Sharering CEO Tim Bos has emphasized the need for self-custody in achieving digital inclusion, particularly for disadvantaged groups who lack the necessary credentials to access basic services. In an interview with CryptoPumpNews, Bos highlighted the challenges faced by millions of potential worldwide web users who are still disconnected from the internet due to the lack of required or verifiable identities.

Self-Sovereign Identity Solutions to Bridge the Digital Divide

To address this issue, Bos stressed the importance of self-sovereign identity solutions that enable individuals to control and manage their own identity data, without the involvement of intermediaries. “To support such deprived teams eliminate this obstacle, technician business owners as well as blockchain start-ups like Sharering have actually planned or even generated a modern technology that makes it possible for self-sovereign verifiable credentials,” Bos said.

The Sharering platform utilizes blockchain technology to create a decentralized and secure system for sharing verified credentials. With Sharering’s self-sovereign identity solutions, individuals can own and control their identity data, enabling them to access various services without the need for intermediaries.

Ownership of Everything About You

Bos further explained that the ownership of everything about oneself should include not only identity data but also financial information and other sensitive personal information. He stressed the importance of having full control and ownership of one’s data to prevent misuse and unauthorized access by third parties.

The Sharering platform is part of a larger effort to address the issue of identity verification and access to services for disadvantaged groups. The Paralegal Program, for instance, seeks to assist prisoners in availing themselves of the different early modes of release.


In conclusion, the Sharering platform is at the forefront of developing solutions that enable individuals to have full control and ownership of their identity data. Through self-sovereign identity solutions, disadvantaged groups can access basic services and opportunities, without the need for intermediaries. By advocating for self-custody and promoting self-sovereign identity solutions, Bos and Sharering are working towards a more inclusive and equitable digital future.

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