Shakira Ex Manager Jairo Martinez Loses 600 Million Pesos in Cryptocurrency Scam

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Crypto News > Shakira Ex Manager Jairo Martinez Loses 600 Million Pesos in Cryptocurrency Scam

Jairo Martinez, a well-known celebrity representative and former judge of the television program “My Name Is”, has revealed that he lost 600 million pesos in a cryptocurrency scam. Martinez’s overconfidence in cryptocurrency led to the total loss of his investment, despite his extensive experience in the entertainment industry.

He said in interview,

“You think you know them all, but there is always someone more cunning than you. You never stop getting to know people. I handed over $600 million and they scammed me. Keeping my job has helped me pay off the debts that I have, which are many,” she said.”

Martinez’s Career in the Entertainment Industry

Throughout his career, Martinez has worked with world-renowned artists, including Shakira, Ricky Martin, Noemi Sanin, and even former US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. He gained fame in Colombia as a member of the jury on “My Name Is”, but his sharp character was not well-received.

After failing to secure work at Telemundo in the United States, Martinez returned to Colombia and began working at TeleCaribe. However, he faced threats and extortion related to sex videos and was charged hundreds of millions of pesos.

Martinez’s Financial Struggles

An article in Las Dos Orillas suggests that Martinez is now struggling financially, despite having rubbed shoulders with influential celebrities and politicians worldwide. He is determined to overcome his financial troubles and continue to thrive in the entertainment industry.

Despite the setback, Martinez remains optimistic and is working hard to pay off his debts. He is currently showcasing his talents and expertise at TeleCaribe.

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