Rotten Tomatoes Founder Expresses Concern Over Web3 Entertainment

Patrick Lee, the founder of Rotten Tomatoes, has spoken out about his concerns regarding the state of decentralized entertainment in Web3. During an interview with Decrypt’s Sander Lutz at Outer Edge LA, Lee expressed his belief that Web3 entertainment is not nearly as entertaining as it needs to be.

Lee, who has experience leading companies at the intersection of technology and entertainment from Web1 to Web3, discussed the current state of decentralized gaming, film, and television. He acknowledged the potential benefits of decentralized entertainment but also suggested that the lack of compelling content is holding the industry back.

The Need for Engaging Content

According to Lee, the success of Web3 will depend on its ability to offer engaging and immersive experiences. He believes that Web3 entertainment needs to be more entertaining and that the industry needs to focus on creating content that captures people’s attention.

Lee’s concerns have been echoed by others in the industry who believe that the lack of compelling content is one of the major challenges facing Web3. In order for decentralized entertainment to gain mainstream adoption, it needs to offer experiences that are at least as engaging as those offered by Web2.

Looking to the Future

Despite his concerns, Lee remains optimistic about the future of Web3 entertainment. He believes that the industry will continue to evolve and improve, and that eventually, it will offer experiences that are far more engaging than anything we’ve seen before.

Lee’s comments serve as a reminder that while Web3 has enormous potential, it still has a long way to go before it can truly revolutionize the entertainment industry. In order to achieve this, the industry needs to focus on creating content that is both innovative and engaging, and that truly captures the imagination of audiences around the world.

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