April 1, 2023

Bitcoin Magazine and River Financial Inc. have announced a new partnership aimed at providing users with greater access to bitcoin and encouraging education about the cryptocurrency. The partnership will allow users to sign up with River and purchase bitcoin through the Bitcoin Magazine App.

Previously, users were able to earn free sats by reading articles on the app, which could be deposited to a River wallet or another wallet of the user’s choice through the Lightning Network. With this new partnership, users will now have the ability to purchase bitcoin directly through the app.

“This new partnership provides the on-ramp for millions of people to not only buy Bitcoin but actually earn it by learning,” said Bitcoin Magazine CEO David Bailey. “We are excited to partner with River Financial to provide our users with a seamless experience to purchase bitcoin and continue their education about this revolutionary technology.”

River CEO Alex Leishman also commented on the partnership, stating “River shares this mission and serves as a gateway for people who want to learn about and invest in Bitcoin. We are thrilled to partner with Bitcoin Magazine to provide users with a simple and secure way to purchase bitcoin and continue their journey in the world of cryptocurrency.”

The integration is now live on the Bitcoin Magazine app, with BTC purchases available to users in select states. The partnership is expected to further expand access to bitcoin and encourage more education about the cryptocurrency.

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