Razer Launches zVentures Web3 Incubator to Fund Web3 Games

Razer, the leading video game hardware and peripherals company, has announced the launch of its zVentures Web3 Incubator (ZW3I) to fund Web3 gaming projects. The new incubator aims to provide marketing support and incubate up to 36 projects, with a focus on bringing Web3-enabled games to mainstream audiences.

Razer’s Director of Blockchain, Lawrence Lin, stated that the incubator will select developers who have a strong track record in creating successful games. Despite being a PC gaming-focused company, Razer has stated that it will not exclude mobile games from the program.

According to Razer, the first generation of Web3 games failed to reach mainstream audiences due to a lack of emphasis on compelling gameplay and social experiences. Razer believes that the next generation of Web3 games should prioritize immersive and engaging gameplay to attract and retain players, rather than token rewards.

The move is significant, given Razer’s brand recognition among mainstream gamers and its potential to shape the future of Web3 gaming. Razer’s zVentures has already invested in Web3 gaming firm Animoca Brands, crypto platform Finblox, and DeFi firm Coinomo, among others.

Razer’s Director of Blockchain, Lawrence Lin, stated, “The gaming experience is the most important aspect of any successful game launch. With blockchain technologies and support from companies with strong gaming knowledge, we are certain that Web3 will revolutionize this experience for all.”

While Razer has not disclosed the amount of funds set aside for ZW3I, citing its status as a private company, the move is a clear indication of the company’s commitment to crypto and Web3. With its vast experience and expertise in the gaming industry, Razer’s zVentures Web3 Incubator has the potential to bring about a new era of Web3-enabled gaming, focusing on immersive and engaging gameplay experiences.



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