$PSYOP Smart Contract and Supply Cap of 550B

Supply Capping and Token Distribution

The $PSYOP token operates with a supply cap of 550 billion tokens. This means that the total supply of $PSYOP tokens cannot be increased beyond this limit. It ensures that the token distribution remains predictable and prevents any inflationary concerns. Notably, a significant portion of the supply, specifically 95%, is held by the address “ben.eth.” While the exact purpose of this distribution remains speculative, it is presumed that these tokens might have been allocated for various purposes, including a possible airdrop.

Initial Token Offering and Pool Expansion

During the initial stages of $PSYOP, 27 billion tokens were added to the liquidity pool against an initial investment of 116 ETH. This strategic move aimed to bootstrap liquidity and foster a healthy trading environment. By establishing a substantial pool of tokens, $PSYOP aims to facilitate smooth transactions and ensure sufficient market depth for its users.

Preventing Bots and Ensuring Fair Transactions

To maintain a fair and transparent ecosystem, the $PSYOP smart contract implements specific measures to prevent bots from conducting transactions within the same block. By doing so, it safeguards the integrity of the system and ensures equal opportunities for all participants. This anti-bot mechanism creates a level playing field for genuine users and discourages unfair advantages that bots might exploit.

Whitelisted Addresses and Pause/Unpause Functionality

The $PSYOP smart contract incorporates a pause/unpause functionality that only permits transactions from whitelisted addresses. This feature has already been utilized twice, showcasing its significance in maintaining control and regulating token transfers. Moreover, there are two whitelisted pools, one being version 2 and the other version 3. These pools provide an additional layer of control and security, further enhancing the $PSYOP ecosystem.

Renouncing Ownership and Burnable Tokens

While the $PSYOP smart contract includes code to renounce ownership of the token contract, this functionality has not been invoked yet. Renouncing ownership would mean relinquishing control and transferring authority to the community. Additionally, $PSYOP tokens are burnable, meaning they can be permanently removed from circulation. This mechanism allows for the controlled reduction of the token supply over time, potentially leading to increased scarcity and value.

Preventing Large Purchases and Bot Restrictions

In order to avoid market manipulation and maintain stability, the $PSYOP smart contract employs a check that prevents large purchases. This safeguard ensures that no single entity or individual can exert undue influence on the token price by acquiring an excessively large number of tokens. Furthermore, the bot checking code in the contract imposes restrictions on bots, preventing them from engaging in buying or selling activities within three blocks of the contract being unpaused. This mechanism adds an additional layer of protection against potential malicious activities.


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