March 23, 2023

AltSignals Launches Public ASI Token Presale After Successful Private Sale

AltSignals, a leading trading signals provider, has launched its public ASI token presale after raising over $100,000 in under 24 hours from their private sale. The presale began on March 7th, 2023, at 12pm GMT and is expected to attract high demand due to the announcement of ActualizeAI, an AI-powered trading tool that will soon be available to ASI holders.

The ASI token provides access to ActualizeAI, which is expected to revolutionize the trading industry. The presale offers 58% of the total 5 million ASI tokens, with the opening price set at $0.012 per token. The price will increase incrementally through five stages, reaching $0.02274 in the final stage, almost a 90% increase from the starting price.

AltSignals has a strong reputation in the trading industry, with a proven track record of providing accurate trading signals. The launch of ActualizeAI is expected to further enhance their offering and attract more investors to the ASI token presale.

Investors can purchase ASI tokens using Ethereum (ETH) or Bitcoin (BTC) through the AltSignals website. The presale will run until March 21st, 2023, or until all tokens are sold out.

AltSignals CEO, John Doe, commented on the launch, saying, “We are thrilled to launch the public presale of ASI tokens and offer investors the opportunity to access ActualizeAI. We believe this tool will revolutionize the trading industry and provide our investors with a significant advantage in the market.”

The launch of the ASI token presale is a significant milestone for AltSignals and the trading industry as a whole. With the demand for AI-powered trading tools on the rise, AltSignals is well-positioned to capitalize on this trend and provide investors with a unique opportunity to access cutting-edge technology.

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