March 22, 2023

Astar Network, the leading parachain and innovative hub of Polkadot, has announced a partnership with Shibuya, a special ward in Tokyo, to support the city’s Web3 initiative. The partnership aims to foster the development of Tokyo’s Web3 strategy and is the first alliance between a Japanese blockchain firm and one of Tokyo’s biggest and most densely populated wards.

Shibuya is a major commercial and financial center that houses two of the world’s busiest railway stations and one of Japan’s best fashion districts. It is also the headquarters of the Japanese arm of the multinational technology company Google.

As part of the partnership, Astar will support Shibuya’s Startup Support activities by hosting Web3-focused events, including hackathons, workshops, and seminars. The events will provide opportunities for developers, entrepreneurs, and investors to learn about the latest trends and innovations in the Web3 space.

Astar will also collaborate with Shibuya to develop and implement blockchain-based solutions for the ward’s various public services, including transportation, healthcare, and education. The partnership aims to leverage Astar’s expertise in blockchain technology to enhance the efficiency, transparency, and security of Shibuya’s public services.

Commenting on the partnership, Astar’s CEO, Dr. Joseph Fan, said, “We are excited to partner with Shibuya to support the city’s Web3 initiative. This partnership is a testament to Astar’s commitment to driving innovation and promoting the adoption of blockchain technology in Japan and beyond.”

The partnership between Astar and Shibuya is expected to accelerate the growth of the Web3 ecosystem in Tokyo and contribute to the development of a more decentralized and democratized internet.

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