Police in the United Kingdom have returned $5.4 million to victims of cryptocurrency fraud.

UK Police Return Cryptocurrency Worth $5.4 Million to Crypto Fraud Victims

The U.K. police have returned over $5.4 million to victims of an international cryptocurrency scam. The police say that almost $10 million more will be returned to victims. So far, 127 more people have filed a claim to recoup their investments.

Police Return Funds to Crypto Scam Victims

The U.K.’s Greater Manchester Police (GMP) announced Friday that about $5.4 million of the funds seized from an international cryptocurrency scam rumbled by its police officers in July last year have been returned to rightful owners. The announcement details:

Over four million pounds have been returned to 23 verified victims and another 127 reported claims are currently being investigated by officers alongside partners in international law enforcement across the globe.

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