Owner of a bored ape files a $1 million lawsuit against OpenSea for’stolen’ NFT.

A Texas man is suing OpenSea over an exploit that saw high value NFTs, including his Bored Ape, sold for a fraction of their cost.

A Texas man who unwittingly sold his Bored Ape NFT for 0.01 ETH (about $26) is suing OpenSea, alleging that the platform was aware of a glitch that allowed hackers to buy NFTs for significantly less than market value.

Timothy McKimmy claims to be the legitimate owner of Bored Ape #3475, one of 10,000 highly desired primate NFTs known as the Bored Ape Yacht Club, in a lawsuit filed in federal court in Texas. He alleges that he did not advertise his Bored Ape for sale and that the NFT was “taken,” with the “buyer” reselling it for 99 ETH ($250,000 at today’s pricing).

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