OKX To Phase Out TRX Futures Contracts And Delist

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Crypto News > OKX To Phase Out TRX Futures Contracts And Delist

OKX, a major cryptocurrency exchange, has announced plans to delist TRX futures contracts. In a statement released on April 4th, the exchange cited market trends and user needs as the reasons behind the decision.

According to the announcement, the delisting will be gradual, with the generation of TRX USDT-Margined and Crypto-Margined futures contracts being discontinued in the coming months. The official delisting of TRX futures contracts is scheduled to take place at 08:00 am UTC on September 30, 2023.

The delisting will affect OKX’s web, app, and API users. The exchange has not provided any further details about the decision, but it is expected to have an impact on TRX trading volumes on the platform.

TRX is a cryptocurrency that runs on the TRON blockchain and is used for a variety of purposes, including payment for goods and services and as a means of exchange on decentralized applications. OKX’s decision to delist TRX futures contracts may be a reflection of changing market dynamics and shifting user preferences.

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