OKX Launches Industry’s First 2/3 Multi-Chain Wallet

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Crypto News > OKX Launches Industry’s First 2/3 Multi-Chain Wallet

OKX, the popular Web3 wallet, has announced the launch of its latest offering – the MPC wallet. The wallet is being touted as the industry’s first 2/3 multi-chain wallet without a private key, offering users unmatched security and convenience in managing their digital assets.

Unmatched Security with MPC Wallet

The MPC (Multi-Party Computation) wallet is designed to eliminate the need for a private key, which is often a prime target for hackers. Instead, the wallet requires two out of three access credentials to recover access in an emergency situation. These credentials include a device, a cloud backup, or an OKX account login.

The MPC wallet’s innovative solution addresses the security concerns surrounding private keys, which can be easily lost or stolen. With the MPC wallet, users can enjoy the convenience of managing their digital assets without the added risk of losing their private keys.

Multi-Chain Support for 37 Public Chains

In addition to its unmatched security, OKX’s MPC wallet supports 37 public chains, offering users a wide range of choices for their digital assets. This multi-chain support is a game-changer for cryptocurrency users, who can now manage their digital assets across different chains with ease.

Enthusiastic Response from Cryptocurrency Community

The MPC wallet has been met with enthusiasm from the cryptocurrency community, who are always looking for secure digital wallets to manage their assets. OKX’s MPC wallet provides a reliable and secure option for storing and managing multiple digital assets across different chains, making it a sought-after solution.

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