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In a significant departure from the strategy adopted by its competitor Binance, OKX, the second-largest offshore exchange, has chosen not to list recent Solana memecoins. This decision has stirred up conversations within the crypto community, prompting varied reactions and speculations.

OKX founder StarXu shed light on the exchange’s stance, suggesting that the listing team’s primary focus remains on discovering and offering valuable and early-stage utility tokens to its customers. He emphasized their meticulous approach to researching potential projects from the market and closely tracking the performance of tokens over an extended period.

“This decision underscores our commitment to nurturing a sustainable blockchain ecosystem by prioritizing long-term utility over short-term hype,” remarked StarXu in a recent tweet.

However, this move has sparked curiosity and raised eyebrows among crypto enthusiasts, especially given the growing popularity of Solana-based projects. Some have questioned the reasoning behind OKX’s reluctance to embrace Solana memecoins, contrasting it with Binance’s more inclusive approach.


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