March 23, 2023

the continued stigma of cannabis use.

Oklahoma, which has already legalized medical marijuana, recently rejected a bill that would have legalized recreational use. The bill faced opposition from law enforcement and conservative groups, who argued that it would lead to increased drug use and impaired driving. However, supporters of the bill argued that it would generate significant tax revenue for the state and reduce the burden on law enforcement.

In Australia, police are testing a new roadside drug testing device that can detect cannabis use within minutes. The device, which uses saliva samples, has been criticized by some for being too sensitive and potentially detecting cannabis use days after it has occurred. However, supporters argue that it is an important tool for keeping impaired drivers off the road.

Finally, we discuss the continued stigma surrounding cannabis use, despite its increasing legalization and acceptance in many parts of the world. Many people still view cannabis users as lazy or unmotivated, despite evidence to the contrary. Experts argue that education and awareness campaigns are needed to combat these stereotypes and promote a more positive image of cannabis use.

Investors in the cannabis industry should keep an eye on these developments, as they could have significant implications for the future of the industry. As always, we will continue to bring you the latest news and analysis on cannabis stocks and the broader industry.

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