No Official Plans for SUI Token Airdrop

Adeniyi Abiodun and the Sui Foundation have both made it clear that there are no official plans for airdrops of the SUI token. Instead, community members can acquire SUI through the community access plan.

An airdrop is a common method for distributing tokens to users for free or as a reward for participation. However, in this case, the Sui Foundation has decided not to follow this route.

According to Adeniyi Abiodun, the CEO of the Sui Foundation, the community access plan provides a fair and transparent way for community members to obtain SUI tokens. The plan includes various activities, such as participating in community events, referring new members, and contributing to the development of the Sui ecosystem. The more active a member is, the more SUI tokens they can earn.

The Sui Foundation is committed to creating a strong and active community around the SUI token, and they believe that the community access plan is the best way to achieve this goal.

It is worth noting that while there are no official plans for airdrops of the SUI token, the Sui Foundation may decide to offer airdrops in the future if they believe it is in the best interest of the community. In the meantime, community members can participate in the community access plan to earn SUI tokens and become more involved in the Sui ecosystem.

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