October 27, 2021


Binance NFT Marketplace is launched on 24th June 2021. Now, you can use Binance NFT Marketplace and create your own NFT if you are artists, Creators, Singers, and Videomaker. About 100 preapproved creators now have the option to create a listing and sell their NFT’s.

Binance is one of the cheapest NFT Marketplace platforms it is used widely amongst crypto users and will charge you not more than a dollar for listing.

Three Features That You Need To Know!

Marketplace – You can mint, sell, bid and purchase NFT’s from creators around the world.

Events – You can buy premium and exclusive NFT’s from leading global artists, brands, celebs as well as athletes.

Mystery Boxes – Each Mystery Box is guaranteed to have one random NFT inside. Open for a chance to win a normal (N), rare (R) , super rare (SR) or super super rare (SSR) NFT.

Steps to create your very first NFT!

Firstly you’ll have to have a Binance account and get your KYC verification done with them.

To get started, click the [Create] button on the NFT marketplace homepage.

You’ll now find yourself on the upload page. Click to select the image, video, audio, or file of your choice to be turned into an NFT.

Next up is adding all the relevant information needed to mint your NFT. You can also choose whether you want to create a single NFT (BEP-721) or a series (BEP-1155). A series allows you to sell multiple versions of your collectible, but each is still unique by an identifier. (*This feature will be available soon in a future update.)

For example, you could mint a run of 50. Some collectors may find having 01/50 or a low number to be more collectible. You should also make sure you have enough BNB in your account to cover the minting fee before clicking

Your file will now upload, and Binance will create your NFT. You can also see the transaction ID associated with the minting that you can copy into BscScan. Click [List NFT] to go to your collections or wait to be redirected.

Can you send any special request to get yourself listed on the platform?

Yes you can, you can write to [email protected] for any special requests or if you have any ideas to share.


Frequently Asked Questions

1.Who is eligible to mint NFTs on the Binance NFT Marketplace?

To begin with, only pre-approved creators are allowed to mint NFTs using the platform. In the near future, this feature will open up to all registered users.

2. On which blockchain will Binance mint the NFT?

Minted NFTs will exist on the Binance Smart Chain, but we will support multiple blockchains in the future.

3. What is the minting fee, and how much is it?

Each NFT will have a minting fee of 0.005 BNB for creations on the Binance Smart Chain.

4. Which file formats do you accept, and what’s the maximum upload size?

  • Image: JPEG, PNG, and GIF
  • Video: MP4, MPEG, and AVI
  • Audio: WAV and MP3

All files should be less than 50MB.

5. Can I cancel the creation process while it is minting?

Once you have paid your fee and Binance begins to mint your NFT, we cannot stop the process. With creating an NFT being an on-chain action, we cannot delete, remove, or change the information added to the blockchain.

6. Where is an NFT’s content stored?

Binance stores the content you upload on a centralized database. We do not store your content on the blockchain, but its associated NFT is however on-chain.

7. Can I make changes to my minted NFT?

No, once the NFT is minted, it exists on the blockchain forever. But you can delete your NFT and mint a new one for the same file.