March 23, 2023

Non-fungible token (NFT) strategist and founder of Saint Rock Media Kalah Haley makes her paychecks by analyzing where the NFT market will go. NFTs, while not necessarily cryptocurrency, are arguably crypto-based given that they are tokens running on blockchain and they can sometimes be used as collateral to gain crypto.
Kalah Haley on the Future of the Digital Asset Space
In a recent interview, Haley said that while she feels digital assets have a lot of potential and are here to stay, they need to change their directions up a bit given they’re not really going anywhere at the time of writing. She also said that a lot of people out there have the wrong idea about crypto, and thus more education may be the answer. She stated:
I think a lot of people have a pretty bad misconception.
The biggest thing, in her opinion, is blockchain technology. She believes…

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