March 23, 2023

The state of South Dakota is making headlines as it looks to pass a bill that could redefine the characteristics of money. The proposed legislation, introduced by State Representative Mike Stevens, aims to prevent cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, from becoming legal tender.

The bill, titled “An Act to amend provisions of the Uniform Commercial Code,” was approved by an affirmative vote of 24 Senate members. If passed, it would only recognize mediums of exchange that have received government approval or adoption as legal money. Cryptocurrencies, which were issued by individuals or organizations, would not be considered money under this definition.

“The term does not include an electronic record that is a medium of exchange recorded and transferable in a system that existed and operated for the medium of exchange before the medium of exchange was authorized or adopted by the government,” the bill stated.

While this move may be seen as a setback for cryptocurrency enthusiasts, it is important to note that the bill is aimed at protecting Bitcoin holders. The legislation would prevent Bitcoin from being used as legal tender, which could potentially lead to its devaluation. By defining Bitcoin as a commodity rather than a currency, it would be subject to different regulations and protections.

The bill has sparked a debate among lawmakers and cryptocurrency experts. Some argue that it is a necessary step to protect consumers, while others believe that it could stifle innovation and hinder the growth of the cryptocurrency industry.

Regardless of the outcome, the proposed legislation highlights the need for a clear regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies. As the use of digital currencies continues to grow, it is important for governments to establish guidelines that protect consumers while also fostering innovation and growth in the industry.

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