Myanmar intends to launch a digital currency

According to Bloomberg, Myanmar’s military is planning to introduce its own digital currency in the region to bolster its economic prosperity.

As sources report, a top spokesperson at the State Administration Council shared that the country is currently evaluating how to move forward with the digital currency launch.

Myanmar mulls over launching its own digital currency

In a bid to strengthen the economic prospects of the country, the military of Myanmar is considering launching its own digital currency, which will be aimed at supporting domestic payments.

The Deputy Minister of Information Major General Zaw Min Tun further stated that the Junta is undecided whether they should collaborate with local companies to launch its digital currency initiative.

“We are undecided whether we should do it as a joint venture with local companies or by the government alone.”

However, Major General Min Tun later opined that the digital currency launch will actively help in stimulating financial activities in the country.

“A digital currency will help improve financial activities in Myanmar.” Min Tun later added


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